Activities to Use With Our Minibooks

See 'Arriba' in our TpT store!
'Arriba' features Olivia off in a hot air balloon...from the balloon she sees a variety of geographical features and lastly, her own house! The storyline is very simple yet engaging. After reading the story, gather together a series of items Olivia could see from her hot air balloon. Choose vocab your students already know, and allow them to take turns extending the story. Be sure to emphasize and encourage students to say the verb 've' each time they name something she sees.

After kiddos have practiced this a few times, let them create their own activity page by using our free download here.  Students have the opportunity to write and illustrate 5 things Olivia sees from her hot air balloon, which gives you, the teacher, a chance to see what vocab each kiddo knows.
Find our minibook 'La ensalada de Pepita' in our TpT store
'La ensalada de Pepita' is a cute introduction to gardening and salad ingredients. After reading the story together, a great way to recycle color words vocabulary is to go page by page asking students what color each veggie is. As the color is named, have students color that veggie. This gives students a chance to interact with the book while hearing the new veggie vocabulary and reinforcing known words such as 'verde', 'rojo' and so on.

Find our 'Javi come mucho' Activity Pack in our shop!
'Javi come mucho' features Javi eating a bunch of desserts and ending up with a tummy ache. The story utilizes pattern sentences that are easy for young students to learn and the activity pack includes a variety of additional desserts to extend the story. In addition, the book provides an opportunity to introduce or reinforce time expressions on the hour. After reading the story, learning the vocabulary and the pattern sentence, my Third Graders rewrote the story, choosing what foods Javi ate. Here is the activity page to do the same. Students can write the pattern sentence 'Javi se come _______' on each page and then illustrate :) 

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